Adult Activities

Both libraries will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th for Independence Day.



Although breathing is continuous we are not always conscious of it. Pranayama is the practice of training our breath. This class will review the history and practical application of pranayama. We will practice breath in movement and various therapeutic techniques such as three part breath and ujjayi. The last 15 minutes will be gentle yoga combined with special breathing patterns to quiet the mind and reduce stress.


We all have a life force that we connect with and can strengthen to improve the quality of our lives.  Join us for an interactive hour as we discuss ways to open up this life force and allow our bodies to heal themselves.


Feeling the emotional weight of life? Join us in a discussion about a new approach to an old paradigm. This will be an interactive hour to explore the foundation of metaphysical topics. You are also welcome to simply listen, observe, and relax.


It’s not uncommon for youth to struggle with irritability and anger. What can you do in the heat of an angry moment? Could there be a stressor or problem beneath the anger? How can you teach your child to skillfully manage frustration? Come explore these questions and others during this presentation.