Adult Activities

It’s not uncommon for youth to struggle with irritability and anger. What can you do in the heat of an angry moment? Could there be a stressor or problem beneath the anger? How can you teach your child to skillfully manage frustration? Come explore these questions and others during this presentation.


This seminar is brought to you by the Society for Financial Awareness:

Welcome to our long-running quilting group under the leadership of Sharon Cole. Experienced expert or curious novice, bring your favorite needle and ideas! The group meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.

Pregnancy and Parenting Professionals is partnering with Laura’s Library to host a Parent Resource Fair. Learn about the local businesses and resources that support children, parents, and families.

This event will be a meet and greet opportunity for parents and families with raffle prizes and giveaways.

Explore the relationship between prayer and healing and the universal truth that unifies with lecturer Fujiko Signs.

The library will be closed on Sunday, April 16th for Easter.


Kathak is one of the ten major forms of Indian classical dance. Today, Divya Dinaker with Agni Dance will present a Kathak piece where she portrays Radha's yearning for Krishna. Radha is out fetching water as she indulges in her enjoyable memories with Krishna.  Ages 5 and up.