Adult Activities

Create a one-of-kind art postcard on June 15 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Laura’s Library for the community-wide Postcard Art Exhibit on display during the summer months at Laura’s Library.


Learn how to create a simple and personalized meditation practice. Learn the history, benefits, and modern practical applications of meditation, while incorporating breath, sound, and mantras. We’ll also have a gentle yoga session with guided meditation.



Impartido por Sandra Medina Bocangel Acupunturista, Doctor (Mexico)

What if you were not stuck in your income tax bracket?  What if you could make changes to improve your future taxation?  This workshop provides meaningful insights into understanding the tax code on a personal basis and provides hands-on ways you can improve your tax situation.

Invasive plants are species that have been introduced from other areas and are crowding out our native plants. Learn how to identify some of the most common invasive plants in Austin, how those plants affect birds and pollinators, and how you can help.