Children's Activities

Paint without a brush! Create paintings by using air to move watercolors around the page.

The Discovery hands on program explores all sorts of different topics, including science, literature, technology, and more. Especially designed for elementary aged kids, come back each week and learn something new!

 Join us this week and play some board games with your friends!



Everyone who loves color and creating with paint will enjoy learning some basic watercolor techniques. In this hour long workshop you will learn and practice paintbrush techniques, create a colorful floral or abstract painting, and make notecards. Recommend for Ages 7 and up.

¡Escucha, Canta, y Muevese!
Listen, Sing and Move!
with Bilingual Storyteller and Songwriter Sue Young

If you could be a superhero, what superpowers would you have? What would your superhero name be? And what would you try to do? Today at Laura’s, come create a superhero comic!

It’s hot outside, and even hotter inside as we draw this fun desert-inspired graphic. Artists will draw a stylized composition featuring cartoon-interpretations of a cactus, a coyote and the sun. We’ll also learn to use contrasting warm and cool colors to finish off our cheery Southwestern masterpiece.