Special Performer - Vaudeville with Schave & Reilly @ Laura's

Photo of Schave and Reilly holding boxing gloves, pins, a rubber chicken, and juggling balls.Have you ever seen a rubber chicken duel that you didn't like?

Welcome to the bizarre world of SCHAVE & REILLY. Modern-day versions of Vaudeville's baggy-pants comedians. Reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy, these two delightful clowns use an original blend of ridiculous dance, slapstick, and juggling to tell stories of life, love, and jubilation. Expertly intertwining emotion and absurdity, SCHAVE & REILLY appeal to adults and children alike. They are memorable, touching, one of a kind, and very, very funny!

For ages 3 and up

@ Laura's Library on Thursday, June 6 at 10:30 a.m.