Summer Reading Program - 2013

Summer Reading Program - 2013

We are so exSummer Reading Program 2013 Level Upcited to present our 2013 Summer Reading Program!  We have 8 weeks of special activities along with the Level Up Reading Challenge! (parking tips for Westbank)

The Level Up Reading Challenge is for everyone! Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends: ready, set, start reading just for fun!

How to Level Up:

Our reading logs this summer have five levels on them. So how do you complete a level? Choose from the following ways:

  • Read five books & tell us about the titles
  • Read five hours
  • Read 500 pages

Or, you can choose to do a combination!  For examples, download a copy of the reading log

When you have completed a level, bring your reading log to the Inforamtion Desk at either library & show the librarian.  S/he will:

  • stamp your reading log!
  • give you a sticky note; write your name on it!
  • show you where to post your sticky note with other player's so that you can Level Up!

Everyone who participates is eligible for prizes, no matter your age or reading level.  All kids and teens will recieve prizes; teens and adults will be entered into raffles!

A special thanks to the following local businesses for supporting our Summer Reading Program!