Texas Library District

Texas Library District

The Westbank Library was the very first Library District in Texas!

In Texas, a Library District is a legally defined area with a percentage of collected sales taxes going to support the local library.  It is defined by Texas Statutes Chapter 326 (opens new page).

In Texas, a Library District is a service entity, much like EMS or Fire Districts. It is formed by a formal local election which affirms its boundaries and grants the district up to two cents of local sales tax (depending on maximum local tax rates and other taxing entities). It has a Board of Directors and complies with government reporting procedures and standards. A Library District has no bonding authority and it does not collect property taxes.

Library District Central

District Overview

Review the key features of the two types of library districts available in Texas (opens new page), prepared by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

District Meetings

The Library District Discussion Group (a standing committee of the Texas Library Association) hosts a biannual meeting of library directors and trustees each January and July.  The meetings include presentations by various districts on topics of interest as well as continuing education on legislative mandated requirements. Further information is available through the District List Serv.

District Communications

Discuss library issues in depth with other library directors and trustees through a list serve administered by the Texas State Library.  Sign up for the Texas Library District List Serv (opens new page).